Explore Apparel is a New York based streetware clothing inspired brand. The brand was started by graphic designer, artist, and musician bobby LAVOY. Explore Apparel is more than just a clothing company. It is a message to those who need something more to hold on to in their everyday life. ExploreING the possibilities, ExploreING your options, and ExploreING what we all will become in the future. There are more choices in life than most of us think. When times are tough, Explore your mind, and find those choices. YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY…



It started in a basement… The idea of branding a line that could represent and mean more than just an image, but a lifestyle, came to light. Representing the many positive options we have in life, Explore Apparel was born. The name explore embodies our options in positive pro life decisions that we all can make.  The moto “Your Life, Your Way“, sums up what merchandise designer and owner bobbyLAVOY portrays in the Explore Apparel line.


“I wanted to create a way to express my personal beliefs and values and share those with people who have a similar mindset, or those who want to find a more positive way of life.”

– Bob



Clothes were folded, bagged, tagged, and shipped all over the world. Explore’s message has been worn and lived in over 40 countries and continues to grow. We cannot express our thanks to our ongoing Team for helping spread the line, and our vision.

“Seeing our products worn by people worldwide is more than overwhelming to me. It is magical! Magical in the sense that a small vision, a small idea, and a small goal, could travel throughout such a large world in such a small amount of time. Everyday I come across photos of people wearing the Explore line, and everyday our vision grows.” – Bob

After hitting the ground running, sponsoring festivals, designing for band merchandise, and launching several lines, including summer/fall and winter clothing, shipments became a little difficult to manage from within a basement office. At the end of 2012, Explore Apparel teamed up with a third party company who now currently handles shipping and order inquiries, leaving more focus for the designing and creative process to expand.


With an endless amount of designs, and a motivational group of individuals, we plan to keep bringing new products, keep speaking our beliefs and our visions and continue to bring you the very best of Explore.  Your support means everything to us, and without that support we would not be where we are today.  So this is a thank you, to everyone who has ever believed in our lifestyle.

Remember that together we can eXPLORe the possibilities, eXPLORe your options, and eXPLORe what we all have yet to come in our future. With a strong mindset, you can do anything! We look forward to being apart of your life.