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We are looking for interested individuals to fill our Social Media & Marketing Internship. An Ideal candidate would be someone looking to build experience in social media and/or marketing, and also someone who is interested in advancing their career and knowledge within the Business, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Social media fields. Through this volunteer experience, the intern will develop vital professional skills and networking contacts. We hope this will be a fun and interesting experience as well as a career and or schooling requirement building opportunity for you.

If you don’t have all (or many) of the skills below, but are still interested, please feel free to apply!


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Explore Apparel is a for-purpose movement devoted to spreading a positive outlook on life to those in need. We passionately believe in the power of the mind and the options we can explore to bring healing and growth to human lives, and by consequence, the world.

Along with our message, the actual face of Explore Apparel is promoted via eCommerce retail clothing.  Our designs and messages are worn and displayed globally.  Each day we strive to bring a little more awareness to those who need it most.


Social Media and Marketing Intern


This position would offer assistance with the digital media and marketing projects with Explore Apparel.

This will include:

  • Perform social media market research
  • Maintain good client relations through professionalism in all functions of customer service
  • Perform outreach on social media sites
  • Create and design promotional material for print and web via Adobe Creative Suite, as well as other mobile approved editing applications.


  • Passionate about Business, Marketing, Social Media
  • Familiar with all aspects of social media
  • Familiar with design concepts for creating banners, flyers, and other web media
  • Ability to communicate and maintain a professional demeanor
  • Strong work ethic with an outgoing and positive attitude
  • Highly organized and task oriented


As an intern, we do expect you to assist with some of the attributes above, but we do not expect you to fully take them on by yourself.

If you don’t have all (or many) of the skills above, but are still interested, please feel free to apply!

Internship Application



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  • Resume & Skills



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