Explore Apparel is a New York based street ware clothing inspired brand. The brand was started by graphic designer, artist, and musician bobby LAVOY. Explore Apparel is more than just a clothing company. It is a message to those who need something more to hold on to in their everyday life. ExploreING the possibilities, ExploreING your options, and ExploreING what we all will become in the future. There are more choices in life than most of us think. When times are tough, Explore your mind, and find those choices. YOUR LIFE, YOUR WAY…





Your Life Your Way


YLYWYou are not limited to one choice in life. eXPLORe your options and you will make the right choice. For the mind is a powerful thing, do what YOU choose to.  Explore is about choices, specifically our choices in life.  This is our time, be the one to change the world, for the better, for the greater good.

Join Us!


Join Us!Team Explore is a growing network of fans, friends, bands, artists, sports players and more.  We are proud to have all of the support and love that we have gotten.  Without you we would be nothing, thank you all so much for the continued love and support.  For those interested in being a part of the on growing team, visit the TEAM EXPLORE page for more details.

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